The First Ones – “Beauty” Transcript Reading by Regina Walker. Performed by Reetu Bambrah

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1. What is your novel about?

A lonely, depressed and heartbroken ancient vampire comes across a young girl that is unlike anything he has ever seen. He is curious about her nature and what he eventually finds out about her could endanger the extinction of both humans and vampires.

 2. Why should this novel be read by people?

If a person ever went through their life feeling alone, like no one cares for them or that they don’t fit in anywhere in society—this book is for them. The First Ones caters primarily to young ones who are at a time in their life when they are trying to figure out who they are, where they fit in and what they want out of life. It builds hope that we can have a better future and that good deeds bring good Karma.

3. How would you describe this novel in two words?  

Original Concept

4. What movie have you seen the most in your life?

 Star Wars, Superman, Star Trek

5. How long have you been working on this novel?  

 The novel was finished in 2013,  but I have had three revisions.

6. Do you have an all-time favorite novel? 

 The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

7. What motivated you to write this novel?

As a kid, I was terrified and fascinated by vampires.  As I got older, I was attracted to them for three reasons: their nature, desire, and loneliness.  Their nature is always looking for love and bonding to their love interest for life.  I wanted this in my own life.  Their desire for blood and difficulty abstaining from it related to my temptations and challenges in life; namely, to remain a loving person in a not so loving world.  Vampires are often outsiders, on the fringe of society. I often felt like I did not fit in as well.   I think these are reasons why people can relate to them.

If I ever wrote a vampire story, it had to be different than what is on television and film. Honestly, nothing is really “new” but you can have an original angle on it.  My angle is not so far out there that you can’t understand it; however, it does blend the lines of good and evil.

8. What artist would you love to have dinner with? 

 Stephanie Myers

9. Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

 Acting, Directing, Producing, and Cosmetology

10. What influenced you to enter the Novel Festival?  

I never like entering because I feel like it’s a lotto, but after I made the top twenty best film and tv idea–I feel different about it. Now I realize  it can aid in getting noticed.

11. Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers? Do your homework. Read books on how to write, get grammar software, google how to prepare to write a book. It will go a long way in you not having to revise your book a million times like I did.


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Novel Festival Readings for January 1 2016

The January 2016 Novel Festival is proud to be performing 4 novel transcript readings from writers from all over the world.

Readings to be performed by actress Reetu Bambrah

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by Kimberly Dana

Genre: Horror, Young Adult, Crime, Thriller

Welcome to Camp Valentine – a cheerleading camp with raging spirit. A ghost that is!

#2 – THE FIRST ONES, Beauty Chapter
by Regina Walker

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, Supernatural

A lonely and heartbroken vampire tries to prevent war that could result in the extinction of humankind. He discovers an unusually beautiful girl with abilities and what he finds out about her could alter both human and vampires’ existence.

by Marie J. S. Phillips

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

On the cold distant world Aroriel — where primate species never developed — evolution spawned a furry saurian race that now reaches for the stars. Commander Geupetus of Clan Darius, offered command of the first near-lightspeed starship, hesitates to take the job, as Furlitian Law forbids his pre-adolescent twins Murkuria and Thorius from accompanying their Clan on this historic mission into interstellar space.

by Jed Hamilton

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance

An unlikely mix of people, thrown together by the LA Earthquake, 1994.
A story of love lost and found…
A story of greed and corruption. ….
A story about a phoney ghost-hunter show… and a dog that looks like a panda.