How Writing Saved Me From Anxiety — A Writer’s Path

by Hannah Joslin   First off, let me just say this: You can’t really be “saved” from anxiety. You can get better at dealing with it, you can have good days and bad, you can work on managing the unreasonable thoughts that creep into your head. But only you can truly help yourself when […]

How Writing Saved Me From Anxiety — A Writer’s Path

Writing Tips: Building Tension — K.M. Allan

When it comes to crafting a book, everyone wants something that will have the reader turning the page. While such an achievement requires a combination of factors like a good plot, excellent characters, well-flowing prose, chocolate sacrifices, and the naming rights of your firstborn to the muse (if you’re willing to go that far), you […]

Writing Tips: Building Tension — K.M. Allan

SHORT STORY Reading: Excerpt, Chapter 2, “A Nightmare’s Visit,” from A Pirate’s Legacy; Return of the Brethren, by B. H. Moore

Young Adult – Historical Adventure

It’s 1615 and one-time pirate, François Evreux is content with family and managing his plantation on the Island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands until his past comes to visit.