Chapter 2 Reading of Large is the Smallest We’ve Got by JED HAMILTON. Performed by Reetu Bambrah

An unlikely mix of people, thrown together by the LA Earthquake, 1994.
A story of love lost and found…
A story of greed and corruption. ….
A story about a phoney ghost-hunter show… and a dog that looks like a panda.

Novel Festival Readings for January 1 2016

The January 2016 Novel Festival is proud to be performing 4 novel transcript readings from writers from all over the world. Readings to be performed by actress Reetu Bambrah Get to know the 4 winning novels and writers: #1 – CHEERAGE FEARAGE, Prologue by Kimberly Dana Genre: Horror, Young Adult, Crime, Thriller Welcome to Camp… Continue reading Novel Festival Readings for January 1 2016