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SERENITY Chapter 3, by Tom Bleakley

STORY Read By – Alissa DeGrazia

Best Scene Novel genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller


An unfaithful husband headed toward divorce is prescribed a drug notorious for causing the side effect of unremembered bizarre behavior, including homicide. The husband kills his wife., but claims to remember nothing about the incident. The book asks, Who is to blame?

Watch SERENITY Chapter 3 Novel Reading by Tom Bleakley

Watch novel transcript reading of SERENITY by Tom Bleakley:


Serenity is a story based on actual events, a courtroom drama with an exciting and unpredictable plot. A man takes a drug, then murders his wife. Did the drug cause his actions, or did he intend to kill his wife and use the drug as an excuse?

Read by Alissa DeGrazia

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