What if life was an illusion?, Poetry by Abhishek Jha

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Genre: Life, Dream

What if life was an illusion?
by Abhishek Jha

What if life was an illusion,
And everything that we saw was just a mirage,
The tree, the mountain, the rivers,
Never actually existed,
Which we thought were the very pillars of our mother earth.

What if it was all just a giant dream,
A dream too good to be true,
But only if it was broken,
Would we come to know what actually is true,
But are we real or we are all an illusion as well,
Well, in that case its a question on our existence,
But we don’t care, do we,
Because we are all lost in the worldly things.

And then I ponder on the fact,
That the mankind being materialistic is infact a good thing,
Even though it might be considered a bad virtue,
Coz had it been, people thinking about real stuff,

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