NATURE’S BREATH, Poetry by Agata Pujsza

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Genre: Nature, Spirituality

NATURE’S BREATH by Agata Pujsza

In nature’s breath
there is..
a kindness of all dimensions
in space of nowhere and everywhere;

it gives your veins the taste of vivacity.

In nature’s breath
I hear the story from ancient times,
spells of love
and whispers of all knowledge;
the answers to questions I might want to have;

Lively beat of nature’s heart
gently reminds
I am perfect the way I am and
I know
I am peaceful with life.

Breathe of nature permeating my breath
exchange complete
quiet and sensitive
a deep hug from inside out

can you hear the right story it tells you
in this moment?

In nature’s breath
there is a place,
where you feel love for each other
given to yourself long time ago;
where time in timelessness
stops and goes.

In nature’s breath
lies a discovery composed of peace;

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