A Desperate Solace, Poetry by Ava Oparadike

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Rhyme, Relationship

A Desperate Solace
by Ava Oparadike

A long drawn night of mystery
made worse by my drunken search for light
if only it would not all end in misery
but alas it is all for naught.

I sing but only hear a hoax whisper,
a lovely voice once now gone with drink.
Do you believe in magic? I simper,
the voices rise all in answer.

In a strange land, a far cry from home
a familiar scene all but known
by the corner store the young men roam
their wives dejected and drawn
waiting for their lover’s return.

Why do we torment ourselves so?
I wish for the best and get it
then destroy it with my two hands
desperate to stop seeking the hit.

You could surprise me with your voice
But what would you sing that I haven’t heard?
I was once the audience’s choice

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