Novel Logline of the Day: Zero Point

Title: Zero Point

Written by: Tim Fairchild


Genre: Action Adventure

Logline: While on an archaeology project in the Canary Islands, members of The International Consortium for Artifact Preservation make an amazing discovery. In an ancient burial tomb a clue is found that could lead to the location of an ancient Christian artifact. Archaeologist, Dr. Eli Turner and his team begin the excavation on a dormant volcano but discover they are not alone.

They discover Japanese Yakuza leader, Yagato Osama and self-exiled industrialist, Robert Pencor seek to dominate the world’s newest energy source. A device which will make oil obsolete and forever change the geopolitical structure of the world as we know it. but it comes with a price… The death of millions.

Eli Turner’s son, and archaeologist, Josh Turner is unwittingly thrust into a life and death struggle as the team is marked for death by Osama and Pencor. Turner and friends risk all to and save the lives of millions in a deadly chase stop a weapon of mass destruction. A weapon on its final countdown to unleash nature’s ultimate fury; the likes never before witnessed by mankind.




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Part 2 – Read Today’s ACTION NOVEL Loglines and Pitches:

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Part 2 – Read Today’s ACTION NOVEL Loglines and Pitches:

Title: Shield of the Palidine (Book 1 in The Palidine Series)
Written by: Barbara T. Cerny
Type: Novel
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, 363 pages

Title: The Road to Justice – A John Fowler Novel
Written by: David Carner
Genre: Action, Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Adventure

Written by: L.S. Gibson
Genre: Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Romance

Title: The Stonegate Sword
Written by: Harry James Fox
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, History, War.

Title: Zero Point
Written by: Tim Fairchild
Genre: Action Adventure

Title: Dead Mules
Written by: Dave Folsom
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Title: VIRUS
Written by: Ray Jay Perreault
Type: Novel
Genre: Sci-Fi

Title: SENTINELS of TZURAC – Terra Major Under Threat
Written by: James Raven
Type: Novel
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller.

Title: The Last Jump
Written by: John E. Nevola
Type: Novel
Genre: History, War, Adventure, Action, Mystery

Title: Eldorado
Written by: Jay Allan Storey
Type: Novel
Genre: Action, Adventure

Title: Beyond Cloud Nine
Written by: Greg Spry
Type: Novel
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Adventure

Title: Black Lion
Written by: Carlos Viola
Type: Novel
Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, War

Title: Breath Of The Titans: The False Titanbringer
Written by: Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook
Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Title: The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy
Written by: Greta van der Rol
Type: Novel
Genre: Fast-paced action adventure with a dollop of romance

Title: Hell To Pay
Written by: Jenny Thomson
Type: Novel
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery,Thriller.

Title: WhipEye
Written by: Geoffrey Saign
Type: Novel
Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Thriller

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