THE FURLITES OF ARORIEL: ON MATISSIA WINGS – Chapter 7 Reading by Marie J.S. Phillips. Read by Reetu Bambrah

This first book in a three book trilogy covers the adventures of the Furlitian Clan Darius before and during the first Furlitian interstellar flight, captained by Commander Geupetus. In family saga style, it follows their suddenly disrupted home life, to the errant flight and encounter with an alien species, humans, and in the end, reveals an important little snippet of Earth life that in the second book blossoms into a great gift(telepathic Felakoons) for Furlitekind, which some do not appreciate right away on their homeworld. In the third book, these creatures prove to be an integral part of how the family solves the problem the Universe dumps on them in Book III:Eyes In The Dark.(in progress) But these treasures do not appear until Book Two: Earth-bred, Matissia-born.(published in 2014)