NOVEL Transcript Reading: DILLON, by Satoko Silverberg


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A seductive older widow from New York’s Upper East Side is gifted a most spiteful dog from the local pound. She dubs the scrawny and inelegant creature Dillon—a name fit for a lion.
As she falls in love with a debonair and quite well-connected magnate, the dog quickly becomes embroiled in a fight for survival—and for the lady’s heart.
Once abandoned and now enjoying the comforts of a loving home, Dillon is ugly and ill-tempered. But he is the most spirited one. Is he an angel—a real angel?
It’s a love story, an adult family drama, and a courtroom saga all in one, with a New Yorker’s sense of humor––and its surprise ending will revive pangs of long-lost heartbreak that exist in all of us.
DILLON is a funny, sad, and heartwarming story with a dab of preternatural flair. Laugh and cry—it’s a must read.

Performed by Allison Kampf