NOVEL Transcript Reading: The Time Travels Of Annie Sesstry, by Brenda Welburn

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Performed by Allison Kampf

TYPE OF STORY: Young Adult Novel

Story Synopsis:

The history of the MacElmurry-Calhoun family is told through the travels of Annie Sesstry, a smart, sassy, and artistically talented African American teen who is resistant to her parents’ efforts to instill in her an appreciation for family history and African American culture.

On a family outing Annie, her sister Emma and her cousin Josh fall through a time portal that takes them back to Crawford County Georgia in 1867 where Annie discovers a family secret of time travelers searching through the ages in an attempt to identify an ancient, unknown ancestor. The youngsters meet their fourth generation great-grand parents in the post-Civil War South of Reconstruction. Their adventures give them a whole new perspective on family and history.