SHORT STORY Reading: More Than A Wrestler, by Tracee Meltzer


Scene : We see the backside of a child wearing a lopsided, tattered
red wig and an oversized green jacket looking in the mirror.. dancing,
jumping, moving the shoulders with such force the tin cans that were
cut in half and placed on the shoulders as some kind of an ornament
fall to the ground making a noise that startles the child but also
wakes up the Mom, who comes running down the stairs and yells
Mom: Johnny, take my fucking wig off and put my jacket where you found
it and stay the fuck out of my room.. shouldn’t you be playing with
cars instead of dressing up and pretending to be one of those stupid
wrestling ladies? What are you going to do when you grow up?! Be a
glow girl?! she laughs as she lights her 3rd cigarette and throws it
on the ground, she staggers back upstairs with a bottle of jack
Daniels in her hand and mutters to herself …my son, a glow girl,
yeah like that will happen and passes out on her bed.
Scene: Johnny a seven year old boy is unaffected by his Mom’s harsh
words, caught up in the moment he looks at himself in the mirror and
is happy with what he sees and smiles while he puts on more of his
Mom’s lipstick and adds a little more glitter to his already made up
face , he starts dancing again to the Glow music and sings his rap
when you meet with Roxy you better beware because I’m really
strong… Johnny falls out of his mom’s oversized high heels and
begins to laugh, he looks toward the stairs and yells out …one day
you will see, I Will be a Glow girl!

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