Anti-War Satire Novel: THE LAST ESCALATION, by Isaac Goldone


Written by: Isaac Goldone

Genre: Anti-War Futuristic Political Satire

Type: Novel

Logline: Mad politicians and a hallucinated war!

A military confrontation between democratic and Islamic forces may lead the world to final destruction!

The book creates a new, unreal reality in which the Selected Democratic Organization, headed by new president Alexander Monro, is pitted against the Free Islamic Forces under their new leader, Suleiman Aswad. The two quickly lead their respective nations to an apocalyptic military confrontation in the Fata Morgana Arabian desert in 2016. The plot centers on a bizarre, loony commando force sent behind enemy lines to rescue important Democrat prisoners.

Available now from Biblio Publishing
Columbus, OH, United States

ISBN: 978-1-62249-106-3
285 pages

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