Novel: Quotes from “Watching a Glass Shatter”

This Is My Truth Now

Although my attention has turned to writing my second novel, Father Figure, I thought it was time to share a few of my favorite quotes from my first novel, “Watching A Glass Shatter.” For more on this book, and to read 3 sample chapters, please go to Watching a Glass Shatter. For now, you’ll find some of my favorite quotes below…

Please feel free to share (as always) your thoughts on the quotes… bad, good or indifferent. I’d love to hear it all!


“And in Ben’s case, although they only lasted ten explosive seconds, those moments managed to include all sixty-nine years of his life, each image punctuated by a blinding flash of pure white light and deafened by the harsh snapping sound of an old-time camera shutter.”

“The slow, melodic sound sliced away at the newly loosened threads that had once kept her heart intact and sheltered…

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