POLITICAL Novel of the Day: BLACK DAD WHITE DAD, by James Womack


Written by: James Womack


Genre: Drama, Biography, History

Logline: My autobiography “Black Dad-White Dad” is a historical snapshot of life in Mississippi during Jim Crow Rule. My book came to be during a Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) men’s retreat. I gave a spiritually/forgiveness testimony that ended with eleven men in tears. The retreat participators told me the world needed to hear my story. This is the embryo of “Black Dad-White Dad”. My father totally rejected me my entire life. The title derives from my dad’s quest for my identity. God shielded the facts of my rejection until I was fifty-eight years old, both parents deceased and I had the mental and spiritual maturity to understand and forgive all parties. My forgiveness released me from my prison of antipathy and negative self-worth.

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