My Top 5 Editing Tips

From My Books Surcease of Sorrow ...

Half of the work of writing a good book, poem, or story is knowing how to edit, and how to do it well. Here are my tips on editing, learned entirely by trial and error (and perhaps I just may have listened to my English teachers after all).

My Top 5 Editing Tips.png

  1. Read it aloud. Does it sound monotonous? Change your sentence structure, vary it. Is it too wordy? Cut the adjectives, or rewrite one sentence into two. It really helps if you record yourself as well. Read through it as you listen, and edit it where you need to. You can even pause as you read and see an error, and say “edit” to cue yourself.
  2. Look for words you use too often. Are you saying the word ‘and’ every other line of your poem? How about like or could? I know those are the culprits in my writing. You can actually use…

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