The Clown, Poetry by Arnab Dey

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Existential, War, Crime, Dark

The Clown
by Arnab Dey

As the clown entered,
Everybody laughed and clapped,
And then he started his antics,
And people were laughing hysterically,
What is they’re laughing so hard about?
Is it his idiosyncrasies?
His oddly shaped figure?
Or his pennilessness?
What is it, sir?
What time is it?
Is it dawn yet?
It’s time to go to the dock,
Will be doing an extra shift today,
’cause kids need new shoes,
It’s about dusk now,
Sun is setting over the church bell,
And the sky is going crimson to orange felt.

Again faces would be painted,
Costumes would be worn,
Antics would be performed,
What if trapeze throw him out of the net!
What if he stumbled upon the fire ring!
Thinking thus he went deep into an unknown alley,

Walls were darker,
Roads were dirtier,
No pavements existed,
No man, no cart…

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