Nothing changed me, Poetry by Miriam Beza

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Family, War, Society

Nothing changed me
by Miriam Beza

A mountain river flowing over rocks, sometimes dry and sometimes flooding,
sometimes quiet as a lake and sometimes falling from a height,
That’s I, and nothing ever changed me.
The same sun red in summers, cold and pale in winters past, the cold unflinching moon that on and off hides behind clouds , watched over me.
The earth trembled in a rage, I did not care. Cocooned in my mother’s arms asleep and safe ,
When bombs were falling, fear and noise spread round us and I was troubled by such panic, I wet my pants. my mother smacked me hard, instead of comfort. It did not change my life.
When later on, after the war, my sister’s birth made such impact on us, my father said she is the future and I was just the past reminding of the…

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