Until I Sneeze, Poetry by Kirby Timmons

WILDsound Festival

GENRE: Funny, Life

Until I Sneeze
By Kirby Timmons

We’ve all got our rituals to jumpstart our lives;
To get our buzz on ‘ere we exit our hives;
Some will not speak till they know what they’ll wear;
Others will hide till they blowdry their hair.

For some it’s coffee, or a shower or a joke
For others a kiss, or a drink or a toke.
Some aren’t conversant till they read the front page;
Others check Facebook for advice that is sage.

Depending on last night if you went on a bender,
And which margarita mix you poured in the blender,
Your morning may be a bear, or as nice as you please,
But I’m not really there till I’ve had my first sneeze.

We all have our pecadillos as Johnny Carson once said,
But sneezing is “de riguer” ‘ere I get out of bed.
There’s a full day…

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