Read the June 2015 TWITTER Short Story Winners – 25 Stories!

WILDsound Festival

Read the TWITTER Short Story Winners for June 2015. 25 Winners in total.

The best of 140 character short stories! All 25 Winners will now have their story made into a short voice over film.


Dinner for Two by Ana Rodriguez

She set the elegant table for two to celebrate their anniversary.
A glass of wine to toast she raised to an empty chair and picture frame.



Sun sets over the horizen, glooming down on forrest.
Mary stands in train station, whiping her tears and waving good-bye to Joseph.


BUTTERFLY by Frances Sheehan

Sweet Butterfly! Quick! Grace my eyes with your perfect form

as you flutter gorgeous gossamer wings in the breeze.

Then you are gone!

Thank you for your visit.


MOVING ON by Sam Brandt

Her feet dangled from the rocking bench. His would have touched. She swung lightly as…

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