MY OWN WORST ENEMY, Twitter Short Story by Jerry Janda

WILDsound Festival

    Watch MY OWN WORST ENEMY Twitter Short Story:

Get to know writer Jerry Janda:

1) What is your very short story about?

The story is about an agoraphobic loner who struggles with self-loathing. He suffers a mental break and becomes convinced that his reflection (the closest thing he has had to human contact in a long time) is trying to murder him. Since the protagonist hates himself, it’s natural that his anger materializes in a way where he becomes the target for his own rage. He believes he is in a kill-or-be-killed fight with himself (misperceived as a separate, independent enemy), so his death seems almost certain. Suicide becomes a win and loss simultaneously.

2) What motivated you to write this story and submit it to the festival?

I love writing horror and I love a challenge. I’ve been accused of verbosity, so I wanted to take a crack at…

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