Novel Logline: In The Name Of The Father, by Allyson Olivia

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ACTORTitle: In The Name Of The Father

Written by: Allyson Olivia

Type: Novel

Genre: Drama

Logline: As a man of God, husband and father, Lester was supposed to be his daughter’s hero, instead he became the man she despised. She could not move on until she forgave him.

Synopsis: “In The Name Of The Father” is an inspirational story about faith, family, and the power of forgiveness. In life our capacity to love and our ability to receive love is learned from those who nurture us. It is cultivated and sometimes destroyed by observing the two people who love us the most. In the Name of the Father is about a young woman named Joy. She brings the baggage of her parents’ failed marriage into all of her relationships. Will she choose love or continue to run from it?

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