Interview with Novelist Cynthia A. Morgan (Dark Fey Trilogy)

Cynthia A. Morgan is the creator of the mythical realm of Jyndari and author of the epic fantasy Dark Fey Trilogy, which draws readers into a mystical realm of primordial forests, magic and the lives of Light-loving and Darkness-revering Feykind.  Not to be confused with pixies or “Tinkerbell” type fairies, the feyfolk of Jyndari are winged beings the size of any human who live in a realm where tradition, magic, and spirituality are fundamentals of everyday life.  Reviews of Dark Fey continue to earn 5 stars by lovers of fantasy as well as readers who do not typically enjoy that genre.  Compared to a fantasy version of a play by Shakespeare, “Dark Fey The Reviled” is a brutally beautiful story of Love, Hope, and finding Peace in the Darkness.


dark_feyInterview with Cynthia A. Morgan

Matthew Toffolo: What is the general theme and tone of your novels?

Cynthia A. Morgan: Dark Fey is a unique Epic Fantasy that carries a Dark Fantasy edge, but the story conveys a Positive message of Hope, Acceptance and the Power of Forgiveness.

MT: Why should people buy your novels?

CAM: Whether they are fans of fantasy or not, readers will discover unique differences between Dark Fey and other fantasy genre novels. The intense story is nail-biting and suspenseful; lush and lyrical; spiritual, yet powerfully relevant as it touches on current topics through a mystical tale that subtly weaves a harmonious and positive message.  

MT: How would you describe your novels in just two words?

CAM: I would have to agree with a fellow author who described Dark Fey, The Reviled in her review as “Brutally Beautiful” 

MT: What movie have you seen the most in your life?

CAM: I tend to watch most movies more than once. I like looking for things I may have missed the first time and for the subtle nuances that tend to go unnoticed. Thus, there are many but I would have to say either “Driving Miss Daisy” or George C Scott’s “A Christmas Carol”. Of course, anything Star Trek ranks right up there as well!

MT: Was being a novel writer something you’ve always dreamed of doing?

CAM: Yes. I have dreamed of being a published author since I was old enough to know that writing is what I am passionate about and what I am designed to do.

MT: Do you have an all-time favorite novel? Have you read a novel more than once?

CAM: The answer to both questions is Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I actually spent an entire year reading the play from beginning to end, again and again; then again and again! I’ve lost count, but I can probably honestly say I have read or watched the play over 50 times.  

MT: What motivates you to write?

CAM: Practically anything. Words tumble in a (nearly) never-ending stream through my thoughts; sometimes a laughing, burbling brook; sometimes a rushing torrent that carries me away, but ever and always a passionate love that fills me with emotion and purpose. My Love for Words is far more powerful Intoxication than any drug may ever aspire to be and I am wholly addicted!

MT: What artist would you love to have dinner with?

CAM: Past or Present? If past, Shakespeare of course, without a second thought. What an inspiring conversation that would be! If Present, I might have to say the amazing and lovely Dame Judy Dench.

MT: Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

CAM: I feel a very close connection with both children and animals and my desire to promote Harmony and protect these from cruelty, exploitation and abuse can be seen very clearly in nearly all of my writing. I have been a Guardian with the ASPCA since 2008, supporting them through monetary donations as well as active involvement in their causes. I also support St. Jude’s Hospital as well as UNICEF.

MT: Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

CAM: I believe the most important thing is to be true to what you are passionate about. Write because you love words, not because you want to be the next Steven King. Tell stories because you have something unique to say that will make a difference in someone’s life or share an inspiration, not because someone told you to write something on this or that subject. Live your Dream because your Dream cannot Live without You!

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