You’re Not the Boss of Me!, Poetry by Cindi Walton

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Genre: Family

You’re Not the Boss of Me!By Cindi Walton

“You’re not the boss of me!” the kindergartner said
When his mommy told him, “Son, now it’s time for bed!”
“Wait till I turn 18, I’ll do just as I please”
Said the boy to his father as he took away his keys
“I’m 21 and DRINK; stop me if you dare!”
His folks were concerned, but he didn’t really care
College came and went, and a job he did procure
Found a pretty brunette and asked to marry her
Bought a house in “Newville” where everything was new
The boss of his own destiny, to do as he would do
The years went by and children came, one, then two, then three
He had it all, life was grand, and this was his decree
“Look Mom and Dad” I did succeed, I knew it all along
You didn’t…

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