Tales of a Time Traveler, Poetry by Aditya Mankad

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Genre: Rhyme, Relationship

Tales of a Time Traveler

by Aditya Mankad

I sat on the sands of time,
Watched the past go as if it wasn’t mine.
And I waited for eternity; just to see,
See the future where you’d be with me.
I heard the songs of dreams as I waited,
And glued my eyes to the horizon as I fall asleep,
But woke up just in time as I had promises to keep.
I was touched by love,
And it burned me hard,
Made me invincible and left me scarred.
And now I won’t fail to mention,
How I still miss you; event in the Nth dimension,
And I realize it now,
How it has always been,
Me falling for you;
You being the red for my blue.
Me feeling the pain;
All seems as right as rain.
I realize it now,
as it makes my stomach churn;

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