THE MARKET PLACE, Poetry by Frances Sheehan

WILDsound Festival


by Frances Sheehan

Swirling, twirling spirals of colour invade our eyes with


That we share in the carnival displayed at The Market Place.

Vendors call out and children laugh joyfully at goods displayed…


Determined to tempt the desire of

Wanting, for its own sake and promise of sweet reward.

The Market Place, where happy smiling cheerful faces

Wander through its illustrious corridors,

Sampling here, looking there and passing on or buying!

Myriad smells and sounds mingle with alacrity

As Gypsy band plays ancient song……

And black-eyed Beauty pivots and turns

Gracefully; all eyes watching her dance!

The Market Place,

A refuge from maddened freeways, incessant city traffic

and noisy grey dull streets.

The Market Place, where for just a precious while

The Old and New in blessed harmonious empathy

Come to meet

    * * * * *

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