Dimmer, Poetry by Shannon R. Giedieviells

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Genre: Horror/Dark/Suspense

by Shannon R. Giedieviells

A chilly autumn night.
Tolerable when the air is still, but as the wind blows
it sends the feeling of a frozen metal spike into the spine.

Her pace is steady. Her arms are crossed to keep the
chill out of her body.
Just ahead, an old, rusty lamppost is the only source of light.
The candescence is surrounded by a dim ring, fading in the distance.

She briskly walks to her destination
as if she will soon find warmth and comfort there,
wherever it may be.

She is alone.
But, she does not feel alone.
Her pace is faster now.
She wants to step into the center
of the ring of expanding light
as if she believed the illumination from the lamppost
was some kind of heavenly body. A savior.

She stops.

Only for a second–

She looks over her shoulder.

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