THE PRICE OF LOVE $$$, Poetry by James Gary

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Genre: Rhyme, Life, Society

by James Gary

What can this madness be
That dost cause my mind to see
You, as if you were near
When only in spirit, your soul is here
What voodoo dirge I’m under
That wouldst my heart to wonder
With such a steady pain
Liken to a Far eastern monsoon rain
Be thou still aching heart
What troubles thee, seizures mind
Less from my body I should fling apart
Oh that I could leave thee two behind,
And as my journey should anew
‘Out heart or mind to see me through
And o’er this circumference I should go
They’d say from Hades, a being sent
With shuffle-step he dost wander
His eyes a fixed and catatonic glow
And faculties successfully rent
Only he’d known his feelings wouldst grow fonder/
And wish if I were able To have never set foot…

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