Invisible Man, Poetry by Dawi Opara

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Genre: Political

Invisible Man
by Dawi Opara

I am the
Invisible man.
Not science fiction,
Nor of H.G.
Wells’s imagination,
But fact.
Transparent blacknuss
In white abstraction
Of reality.
A vibrant, live,
Meaningful energy
With hopeless

I am the
Invisible man.
Surviving centuries
Of indifference
And human denial.
Stairways into live,
Exploding nightmares.
Living the visible
Repercussions of
White kind’s
Scheme dream
For supremacy
As I attack,
Attempting to rearrange
A deranged mentality.

I am the
Invisible man.
Trapped in a
Deadly drain game
Of mental gymnastics.
An expendable,
Usable, reusable
Statistical test tube
Soul of the
Twentieth century search
To attain godliness,
All for the
Visible benefit,
Improvement, and
Propagation of
White kind.

I am the
Invisible man.
Scholar, athlete supreme
With visible expectations
Of reaching for more
Than invisible dreams,
For whatever
Towering heights
I soar to attain.
But to white kind,
They are simply

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