The First Downpour, Poetry by J K Roseline

Genre: Rhyme, Nature, Weather, Life

The First Downpour
by J K Roseline

The wind was snarling
At my door all night,
Romancing with rain;
Mystic nature divine
Rejoicing with delight

The first downpour is waving down
Parched earth, she gulps the limpid drops;
It titillates her senses with acuity,
Like burning incense earth emits
Sweet fragrance in the odorous air.

The glorious Sun now veiled beneath the misty sheen,
Peeps to see little brooks gurgling again;
Lonesome rambling streams soon flow,
They spurt to kiss the dancing leaves.

Listen to rain’s resonating beat –
A sound so rhapsodizing be;
To taste the cascading drops
Come croaking frogs, burrowing worms.

The rainbow filters through turbid sky,
Peacocks perch to preen pretty plumes dry;
A lovely lament radiant fall
Sing o heavens, be joyful all.

For this downpour from yonder,
On this yielding union on earth
When the sky roars clothed in…

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