Once-Nothing, Poetry by Adam White

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Genre: Philosophical, Dark, Controversial

by Adam White

Carved out of nothing,
a thing with no tongue
is ripped out of absence,
sealed in a cell.
Hell may now enter:
pain once was less
than a thought never dreamt.
But a day will soon come
when it’s all that can even
be thought to be felt.

From the moment the sperm
burrows into the egg,
and the wasted white fluid
begins to run down mom’s leg,
the fate of the once-nothing
is in others’ hands:
the choice is the woman’s
or the choice is the Lord’s.
The wishes of
the once-nothing,
if it wishes at all,
don’t matter:

the once-nothing’s wishes
cannot be known,
and the once-nothing
makes no demands.

The once-nothing,
mutilated in ineffable ways,
mutated in the most radical,
inconceivable way,
forced, flung,
captured, caged
in a body never asked for,
against which
it had no body…

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