Read Today’s NEW Novel Loglines and Story Pitches:

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Read Today’s NEW Novel Loglines and Story Pitches:

Title: Emma the Nerd at the end of the World
Written by: Cathy Herbert
Type: Novel
Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Title: Partholon
Written by: D. Krauss
Type: Novel
Genre: Horror, Scifi, Post-apocalyptic

Title: Ordowahl the Huge and Ugly, Book The First (Childhood Gone; Homeless, the Wide World Ahead)
Written by: Joel Hinrichs
Type: Novel
Genre: Christian Adventure Drama Fantasy Knight-in-Armor

Title: Alien Affairs
Written by: Scott Skipper
Type: Novel
Genre: Science fiction

Title: Everything will Fall into Place
Written by: Nipun Goel
Type: Novel
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Love, Inspiration, Motivation

Title: The Baron
Written by: Vanessa Garciacano
Type: Novel
Genre: Romance Fantasy

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