The Curator, Poetry by John Taurek Baziw

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Genre: cocky, angry, painful, dark, death, long, sad, rhyme

The Curator
John Taurek Baziw

A teenage kid has a threesome
With two hot blonde teachers
There are two people
With the Ebola virus
Out in Texas
There is an underground force
In the Middle East
Taking over Iraq and Syria
Through sheer brutality
Congress voted on Net neutrality
Whatever that means
She’s shooting jelly beans
Out of her pussy
Into this dude’s mouth
As I watch from the couch
Disgusted, yet somewhat titillated
Dreams get capitulated
Because dreams are just that
How about being a man of action?
Ha ha HA!
Laugh while you can
You look like Toucan Sam
I look like a burgeoning alcoholic
Like the bourgeoisie
On a Tuesday afternoon
Sipping vodka gimlets
And smoking cigarettes
On the terrace
It’s everything that scares us
Place the tray upon the table
Pharmaceutical grade
It’s not that bad…

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