Black White and Blood, Poetry by Lizzie Heart

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Genre: Death, Dark, personal

Black White and Blood
by Lizzie Heart

Silent screams, pasty cream
Black and white
Head to toe; not just me,
Look around it’s everything
Blood dripping, rope it stings
Digging into my skin
Tied to the tracks while there you laugh
Standing in your tall black hat,
There with your evil grin
Twisting and twirling your greasy moustache
Damsel in distress
Legs flailing up and down
Short torn dress, around my knees
You stare, oh so pleased
Vocal cords with no vibrations
My Prince, my hero…
Where is he now
The dark shadows casting me down
Black puffing clouds
Iron shakes, rumbling gravel, moving ground
Your tilted back, mouth open wide
Bent almost in half
To let out the most ghoulish, evil sound
My ears quiver, such trepidation, nothing do they hear
Scared straight, not going to be saved
Adrenaline pumping
Kick it into gear, got…

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