Terminators, Poetry by David E. Gates

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Rhyme, Political, Society

by David E. Gates

The ground is bloody, with the scars of war.
God knows what we’re fighting for.
I can’t breathe, Air’s so thin,
Nothing to stop them closing in.

Hard to tell, what’s real, what’s not?
My memories are all I’ve got.
Guns don’t stop, the noise, so loud,
The tanks they come, standing proud.

This war started in a different place,
When we recognised its face,
Hard to detect, what’s real or fake,
HK’s fly above, earth starts to shake.

Hunter Killers terminating,
Cyborgs on the loose,
Can’t make deals with these machines,
Cannot make a truce.
Metal men, from future time,
Just one thing that’s on their mind,
Killing all that’s humankind.
Death is all that’s here to find.

Can’t make no bargains, can’t give reasons,
The years pass by, like broken seasons,
Winter here, here to stay,
Skynet has more…

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