Novel Festival Testimonial – September 19 2018

Someone suggested I contribute my book, seemed like a great opportunity, particularly with a minimal budget for marketing.  Really a great service you provide.

FORTRESS OF DECEIT by Bogdan John Dzakovic

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Performed by Elizabeth Rose Morriss


Novel Festival Testimonial – August 25 2018

 Dossie H. Terrell (Good Things Come To Those Who Wait)

I needed a confidence booster. Winning the right to have my work read by a Novel Writing Festival professional not only gave me a delightful boost, it also provided a renewed inspiration to keep writing.

Performed by Val Cole


Novel Festival Testimonial – August 21 2018

Novelist Wanda Adams Fischer (EMPTY SEATS)

As a radio broadcaster, I have wanted to get this novel converted to an audiobook, and I didn’t know where to start. I have several listeners who are blind, and they have been asking when the book would be available in aural format. I wanted to have this performed to give me an idea as to where to start, because I don’t have a clue as to how to begin to audition potential readers. This is an amazing start.

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In 1972, the Montreal Expos draft three 18-year-old baseball stars, send them far from their hometowns, where they discover their dreams of becoming Major League ballplayers won’t be as easy as they once thought. Challenges call for split-second decisions–on and off the baseball diamond.

Performed by Val Cole

Novel Festival Testimonial – August 18 2018


Bhekuzulu Khumalo (WOES OF HUMANITY)

That’s the best feedback one can really get, perhaps many characters. Something that will be different on next novel, I mean this is the first one. At the end of the day however, one must remember what a novel is for, it is to take the strain out of formality, which I believe I attempted to do here.

Performed by Val Cole


June 22, 2018 – Novel Festival Testimonial

Thank you so much for this feedback!  It is extremely helpful as I move forward with my next novel. 

By Michael Scott Garvin

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