Watch Junction Part 2 – Novel Reading Written by Cody Schlegel

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JUNCTION PART 2 Novel Reading:

Novel written by Cody Schlegel

Novel performed by Val Cole

Summary written by the writer:

Junction chronicles the aftermath of the death of a small town drug dealer, named Joey Sheeks. Joey was found naked and frozen in a woods not far from his home in rural Iowa, and even though the local law enforcement attribute his death to his tripping on acid, not everyone in the sleepy town shares this opinion. When Joey’s high school friend Zack Harmen “inherits” the business, suspicion falls on him. Then a local priest dies under strange circumstances, and a deputy vanishes without a trace. There’s no obvious connection to these incidents, but a handful of residents—including main character, Nick Harmen (Zack’s cousin)—believe Junction’s in the midst of a killing spree. It’s a tense, thriller, uncomfortable at times. And it’s not afraid to casually discuss topics that most people tend to tiptoe around in casual conversations. Issues pertaining to government corruption, media manipulation, PTSD, race relations in the US, and non-traditional spirituality play an intricate part, but at the same time don’t distract from a meaty story driven by strong characters.

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